- Record or upload candidate videos
- Share videos with clients and hiring managers
- Allows candidates to upload videos remotely for assessment
- Send videos to multiple contacts at one time
- Our clients save hours of interviewing time by initially screening a candidate in 45 seconds on video rather than 45 minutes in person.
- The same approach makes it possible for prospective employees to get their message across earlier in the process with less travel costs, time off work and fewer screening interviews to attend - saving time, money and energy for all parties. 
- We showcase our candidates, their resumes, videos and our interview comments online.  Our objective is to save clients time and allow them to make a far more informed decision (from anywhere in the world) before investing the time to interview a candidate in person.

Candidate CV`s, Summary Reports and short Video Profiles are either e-mailed to clients or accessed directly through our searcheable web portal, giving employers the kind of insight into a candidate that would historically take several days to establish.

This approach radically streamlines the process both for jobseekers and for clients, saving time, energy and money for all parties.

Shorten 'time to hire':

- Enable clients and hiring managers to have all information up front
- Remove scheduling issues
- Enable clients to share candidate video profiles

Increases your revenue:

- Market yourself to clients using video - differentiate yourself - be innovative
- Be in front of all your clients because if you're not, your competition is
- Get potential clients to remember you